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Your donation of any amount will go towards developing small businesses, self sustainable farms, education, and providing solar lanterns for homes without electricity. Families in need in Haiti and Rwanda will be directly blessed by your generosity. Thank you. 

Donation Options

Donations can be made via paypal or with credit card.

Cryptocurrency donations accepted:

Dash: XxdHR6cdC46BKvZMc4kLz3jdDxVT39ojxs
Bitcoin:  34V1urWZ7q6iUhCbrWzvZZQ7XzQZCtoANU
Ethereum: 0x0C70E8b7445A8368E54Cc29fe362B129176C6393
Bitcoin Cash: qq7ng3qre2ar0rejj4ck57kdwzak5gweqql2uzyp4n
Litecoin: MWpqDdXmZVN6qFx42mKjkdmdowz2vGyqvm

Ada:   addr1v9mluflva348p8s83ancxs9rk8qaqw9d8u4xxmcl0zp77kcp84zq6              

XRP:  rGM3QWycXY5v3Agxdptj9RPtP3zxoP2L9q                                                                                                                                                 XLM :   GBAE3HB5YKR6WYTWCCPRHCKFP6VPPE6KRNKA5RLMLBNERYVXGWCK4H4N           

 Dont see a crypto you have but want to donate? ..  Just shoot us an emal for wallet address....thanks!

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Thank you for your partnership,
Jason and Rachel Ludwick

Illuminate Lives