Our mission expanded to help with self sufficiency. In Rwanda we sponsored a "chicken project" where 8o vulnerable families were provided with 2 chickens each. This can be life changing and supplies a means of food as well as income.


As conditions worsened in Haiti, and it has been unwise for us to travel there, we had our friend Pastor Rosinel visit us. We were able to send him home with lights to distribute to those in need. 



Jason visited Haiti in May and brought lights as well as funds for a solar charging station which was completed that summer. This is a stationary building where individuals can go to charge their cell phones. 80% of the population has a cell phone, yet 20% has access to electricity.


As of August 2019 we have distributed over 300 lights, 75 Bibles, and have piloted our moto-bike loan project with an individual in Cabaret, Haiti. 

We have personally visited the villages in Haiti 4 times and have been sending lanterns to our contact in Kigali, Rwanda.  

  Illuminate Update- 

What a great end to 2019 we have had! During our October trip to Rwanda, Africa we were able to distribute lights in 2 villages, as well as make about 10 or so individual gifts to people we made contact with. Our Rwandan friend, Charlotte brought us to the southern province to her parents neighborhood. There are many vulnerable women with critical needs who greatly benefit from added light in their home. We were able to gift 25 homes with light. In Rwanda, the sun rises at 6, and sets at 6, giving equal hours in dark as in light. Not having means to light during those long nights can not only be difficult, but can be unsafe. What a joy to share the light of Jesus our Savior, along with a physical light to meet critical needs. We also traveled to the eastern province where a friend lives from another time spent in Rwanda. Her name is Adele, she is 53 years old, and we were able to gift her with our first home kit. This was a set up by D-light that has 2 light bulbs attached to a home base, and then a wiring system out to the outdoors where a solar panel can be set up. Adele was THRILLED to have light in her home for the first time! We distributed lights to 5 other families in her village as well. 
In November, we had our friend from Haiti visit us in our home, as traveling to Haiti was unadvised at the time due to political unrest. We had wonderful fellowship, and we were able to send him back with 30 more lights for his village in Cabaret. He has said that many people without light are asking for the opportunity to have one two. We also had great discussion about piloting a livestock project in his village. We hope to share more about this in 2020.
In December, Jason's mom and dad hosted a Christmas party that was a fundraiser for meals for school kids in Cabaret, Haiti, at Vision School. Thanks to many generous participants, we were able to raise the funds to provide 2 meals a week to the students and teachers at the school. They are grateful!!